Imagination NEVER sleeps!

To me art is – about how events and how your surroundings effect you and your life. The life you lead, the friends you have, the city you live in. The perception of what is important to you and what is not. Art is about the small pleasures in life all the way up to your daily dose of stress. From light to darkness, from leaving your house in the morning to coming home late. It’s all there – it’s all part of you.

I try to capture a single frame. Freeze the second and put it into a new perspective. Try to give some meaning to our restless existence – never standing still.

And there you go. Remember to never stand still. Never rest for to long. Never accept what is, just because it is – keep imagining!

Imagination never sleeps!


Photo: Dirk Bührmann

A little bit about me

Marcus Loebb

  1. Born March 13th. 1974 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

  2. Graphic-design and art studies at  École d’art Maryse Eloy Paris, France.

  3. Moved to Copenhagen in July 2000.

  4. Began painting during my years in Paris.